How to take care of C-Section Scars and Stretchmarks Post Partum

How to take care of C-Section Scars and Stretchmarks Post Partum


Many women apply stretchmark creams religiously to target areas throughout their pregnancy and immediately stop applying their lotions postpartum. The months following giving birth are just as important. Your skin has stretched to house your beautiful baby, and once born, your skin will return to normal. It’s important to continually apply lotions to increase the skin’s elasticity and collagen levels to prevent new stretch marks from forming and this also helps tighten and tone the skin.

The importance of exfoliating stretchmarks

Always exfoliate before applying cream to your stretchmarks. Exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin and uncovers fresh new cells. Applying your creams and lotions to freshly exfoliated skin is much more effective as the active ingredients can penetrate fresh new skin cells.

Our Coffee Scrub is an excellent exfoliant stimulates and boosts cell renewal to reduce the appearance and texture of stretch marks, and scars. 

Two weeks of using Purity Coffee Scrub daily;




C-Section Scar Massage

Massaging your C-Section Scar can be a very nice way to connect with your body, and it has several holistic health benefits that can help you heal your C-Section Scar both inside and out.

C-Section Massage has several emotional and physical benefits. Physically, massaging your C-section scar can prevent deep scar tissue forming, which can cause lots of health implications.

Massage can also prevent excessive scarring and make the scar appear less noticeable.

Tip: Scar Massage can be a very quick self-care practice, just 5 minutes a day is enough to be effective to prevent scar tissue build-up. You can begin C-Section Scar Massage at 6-8 weeks.


C-Section Scar Common Question Answered:

When can you begin using a topical cream?

We normally advise not to use any topical cream until the scar is fully healed, (so when you no longer need dressing). This is normally around 3-4 weeks after your C-Section. **Please seek professional advice from your Practitioner. 

Will my C-Section scar completely disappear?

During your C-Section Recovery, your focus should be on taking care of your scar to ensure you heal correctly, without long-term physical complications. 

Is it too late to massage my C-Section Scar?

It’s never too late. Massaging your C-Section Scar has healing benefits for both new and old C-Section wounds.


What Purity products are best for Scars and Stretchmarks?

Purity's Coffee Scrub and Scar and Stretchmark Lotion are both suitable for use during pregnancy and postpartum. They are formulated with natural wound healing fruit extracts and essentials oil, to help heal old and new scars and stretchmarks.


Click here to learn more about our Coffee Scrub for stretchmarks





 The Purity Scar & Stretchmark Lotion can also be found in the Baboo Box C-Section Care Package - Caesarean Recovery Gift Box. This natural lotion is suitable for use during pregnancy and postpartum. It is formulated with natural wound healing fruit extracts and essentials oil, to heal old and new scars and stretchmarks. (See above)

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