Eco Friendly Order Packaging

Eco Friendly Order Packaging

Not only are our product formulations plastic-free, so is our product packaging and order packaging.  

Our web orders are packaged in FSC approved cardboard postal boxes, with tissue paper, biodegradable eco-void filler and paper tape. 

Our wholesale orders are packaged in FSC approved cardboard postal boxes, paper bubble wrap, biodegradable eco-void filler and paper tape. 

Eco Friendly Beauty

If you run the biodegradable eco-void filler (the little white things that look like white wotsits) under running water, they will disintegrate instantly.  Compliant with strict EU composting standards, our eco friendly void fill is EN13432-certified.

Did you know that Cellotape is not recyclable. That's why we use Kraft Paper tape to seal and secure our order parcels. 

The last image above, is our paper bubble wrap, which is a great alternative to plastic bubble wrap. Our cosmetic jars are made from glass and aluminium so it's important they are protected during transit. The paper tape we use is both environmentally friendly and protects your order from damage. 

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