Reasons why Men and Women should use different skincare

Reasons why Men and Women should use different skincare

Purity has recently launched their Men's Skincare Collection (Purity For Men - which has led us to receive a lot of comments about the necessity of different products between sexes. "Isn't skincare just unisex?", "Isn't Men's and Women's skincare the same, just packaged differently?"

Yes, our Men's Collection is packaged differently, in high-quality bamboo jars, but no, the products and formulations are different - Men's and Women's skin is actually very different, and therefore requires different skincare products.


1. Men's skin ages differently


"Because of the gradual decline in collagen levels starting at a young age, men should consider using products to instigate collagen production earlier than women,” explains Dr. Lain.


Try our Energising Men's Moisturiser which is packed with 3 active ingredients that help the skins collagen production to slow down aging. (Baobab Oil, Buriti Oil & Borage Oi)


(Picture above: Energising Men's Moisturiser)


2. Male skin, around the beard area, is more sensitive.


Due to shaving, this area is more prone to irritation, ingrown hairs, and folliculitis. Shaving removes the top layer of skin cells and the skin's natural lipids. It's therefore important male skincare helps with inflammation, and daily repair to restore the skin natural structure.


3. Men produce more testosterone

The male hormones cause male skin to produce more oil and sebum. It's also harder for oily skin to shed dead cells, so men's face washes should actively help clear out pores and rejuvenate skin cells.


Try our Energising Face Wash which is formulated with AHA fruit acids exfoliate and remove dead skin cells leaving your face looking fresh and healthy.


Also with Blackcurrant Seed Oil a powerful anti-oxidant that soothes dry, irritated skin, soothing, and softening to help ease problem skin.


Our full men's range has been carefully designed especially to target male skin, taking into consideration it's thickness, oiliness, and different structure. Take a look at full collection at

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