Mineral Miracle 

Combining nature's most powerful anti-aging ingredients with superfoods, botanicals and active ingredients to leave your skin flawlessly, youthful, glowing and healthy.

*Developed using advanced cosmetic science - Stem Cell Technology

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Can plant ingredients really be this effective? 

Yes, thanks to the advanced Stem Cell Technology used to create our products 

What is Stem Cell Technology?

Stem cells from plant ingredients are capable of continually renewing themselves, meaning when applied to the skin topically, they stimulate the growth of more skin cells. The key feature of stem cell extracts is their ability to replace, instead of simply repairing, damaged skin cells, because of these regenerative properties, they act to keep skin looking youthful and healthy.

For Best Results
Follow the steps below
Step 1

Ensure face is clean. Apply our Youth Glow Face Mask onto skin and leave for 5-10 minutes. Leave on longer for enhanced effects.


The mask will not dry completely, Wash off and pat skin dry. Use 3 times weekly.

Step 2

 Smooth our Skin Plumping Serum over cleansed face and neck. Using upward motions, gently massage into the skin to promote collagen elasticity.


Use alone or under a moisturiser daily. 

Step 3

Apply Youth Glow Face Cream to face and neck and massage into skin. Whilst the cream is absorbing you may feel your skin gently tightening. 


Use moisturiser both morning and night time daily. 

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