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Our Brand

There is alot of meaning behind our logo and branding, which connects to our philosophy, mission, and the deeper meaning behind what we believe. As you read through the meaning behind our brand, you will notice our branding is built around our core belief that we are part of nature, our planet, and everything else around us. For humans to have a sustainable existence, we must learn to live in harmony with this. 

Our Philosophy

To beat climate change, global warming, plastic pollution, and all the other issues that threaten our sustainable existence, humans must first recognise our connection with nature and our planet. 

Definition of “Consume” - verb. (tr) to eat or drink. (tr; often passive) to engross or obsess. (tr) to use up; expend my car consumes little oil. to destroy or be destroyed by burning, decomposition, etc, fire consumed the forest"


As a species, this defines us a separate from nature, destructive in nature, and that we take, take and take, giving nothing to nature in return. 

Purity believes this is the root of our problems, that everything is connected. The earth provides us with all the resources we need, but they must be appreciated and protected.


Everyone one of our products is created to give something back to nature as our gratitude to nature and mother earth for all that she provides. This is the sole reason our products come with plantable packaging that grows into flowers and plants. Planting the packaging once you have finished your product, creates a give, and recieve relationship between nature and yourself. You are no longer just a "consumer". 


The Logo

The Circle - Everything is connected 

The Crown - represents the seventh Crown Chakra and our connection to nature. 


The Central Element of our Icon - is designed to appear as both a flower (nature) and an atom (science). They simultaneously represented in the icon to signify a balance of nature and science within our brand. 



The Branding

Our brand colours are based on the heart chakra, which is associated with two colours – Green and Pink. 

The Heart Chakra, when balanced helps us to feel connected to nature.

Some of our products are also scented with essential oils that are associated with balancing and activating our heart chakra, (neroli oil, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lavender and orange). 


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