Boosts lips natural circulation

and alters collagen structure

Leaves lips softer, plumper and 

more radiant

Long term results

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

How does Purity Plump work?

 The Purity Plump Collection is infused with natural ingredients that activate lip collagen to create softer, fuller and plumper lips. When applied correctly, our unique formula encourages blood flow to the lips providing instantly fuller lips. 


When used routinely, the lips collagen is regularly activated to provide longer lasting results. During use, you can expect to experience a warm, tingling sensation, this is a normal reaction.



Customer Reviews

"I take my Purity Plump everywhere with me. It always keeps my lips plump and healthy"

"I love Purity's Lip Plumping Duo. I always wear the primer under my lipstick. It dries really quickly which is perfect for my normally rushed mornings. It doesn't hurt either, unlike most otherwise lip plumpers"

For Best Results
Follow the steps below

Use our Lip Plumping Primer application pen and apply onto your lips by simply twisting the pen. Use up to 3 twists for maximum effect.


Leave on lips for five minutes to fully absorb and apply lipsticks or gloss as usual.


Use as part of your daily beauty routine to achieve optimum results.

Use our Lip Plumping Sugar Scrub to gently exfoliant the lips, removing dry and dead skin. 


By exfoliating in small circular motions, blood flow is increased, preparing your lips for optimum plumping effects in Step 2.


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Before & After Purity Plump

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