Why being sustainable will actually benefit your business.

Why being sustainable will actually benefit your business.

To celebrate the launch of our new Purity Facial Treatment we wanted to share why being sustainable will actually benefit your business. 

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Sustainably has never been a more talked about topic

Spas and salons all over the UK have started to adopt more sustainable practices. As this topic gets more press and clients become more knowledgeable on it, they will naturally enquiry more about your sustainability plans and protocols. Getting ahead of the curve allows you to make changes that impact the environment while also leveraging how proactive you have been on your website and social media. More than ever, clients are looking for and choosing to book with salons and spas specifically for their sustainability practice. 

YOU CAN actually save money by going green

One thing you often hear is that "going green" is too expensive. When you start the process it may feel like you're spending way more than you're accustomed too. However, over time these changed can often become money savers. Consider the small items you find yourself continually purchasing, like wax strips, sticks, plastic spoolie brushes and nitrile gloves. While they may be inexpensive, low quality materials such as gloves that constantly tear, or those too ease to dispose of spoolie brushes often get discarded without too much thought. Investing in high quality, sustainable products and tools and creating a protocol for their use, plays enormous dividends in the long run for your bottom line and the environment.   

It just feels good

All business benefits aside, the spas and salons, that we work with have all mentioned how amazing it feels to make meaningful changes to their sustainability practices. Reducing consumer waste, focusing on more ecologically friendly product sourcing and putting a solid recycling plan in place in your business can make a significant impact on the morale of your team and their sense of purpose. It's an initiative that everyone can get behind and feels amazing for contributing too!


This article was kindly written by the team at Sustainable Salon Supplies. You can find out more at

The Purity Facial 

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Our sustainable skincare comes in plastic free packaging, our formulations are natural and biodegradable. 

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