Why is exfoliation so important?

Why is exfoliation so important?

Is it just me or does exfoliating your skin have some kind of magical power to immediate uplift your mood? Maybe it's because it instantly leaves your skin softer, smoother and it resembles that goddess like feeling. 

Exfoliation no doubt has that uplifting effect on me, but it doesn't stop there, it's actually one of THE most important steps in any skin care routine. 

To put it simply if you don't exfoliate, the rest of your routine is probably very ineffective. Imagine applying your skincare on a fresh face of make up, do you think your products would be effective? No, of course not! And applying creams and oils to un-exfoliated skin has the same effect. 

When you exfoliate, dead skin cells are buffed away to reveal fresh new skin cells. Applying your creams and lotions to freshly exfoliated skin means the active ingredients in skincare products can penetrate the new skin cells and the deeper dermis layers, making them work much more effectively! 


 * Images left to right. Orange and Avocado Scrub, AHA Fruit Acid Scrub, Coffee Scrub

Coffee Body Scrub 

Combining rich ground coffee beans and extracts with skin boosting coconut oil, that leaves the skin looking and feeling fabulous. Coffee is loaded with anti-oxidants that can prevent premature ageing and the roasted ground beans are a great natural exfoliant that leaves the skin silky smooth while minimising the appearance of cellulite, scars, stretchmarks and other skin blemishes. 

Orange and Avocado Scrub  

A gorgeous blend of deeply exfoliating sea salts, nourishing organic natural butter and oils to exfoliate and moisturise the skin, for instantly softer and glowing skin.  Blended with a beautiful aroma of Orange, Bergamot, and Peppermint Oils to energise and uplift your senses. 

The sea salts exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores and encourages new skin cells to regenerate to reveal fresh, healthy and glowing skin. 

AHA Fruit Smoothie Face Scrub 

These delicious pot of fruity goodness is blended with ground pumice stones, a great exfoliation alternative to nasty plastic microbeads.

This gentle, light and creamy scrub unclogs pores, also contains AHA fruit acids, a liquid exfoliant, that works by removing dead skin cells on the skin surface, revealing the fresh new skin cells underneath.

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