Summer Skincare Tips

Summer Skincare Tips

The humidity and excessive heat make your skin crave some extra love and protection during the summer season so it's essential to up your skincare game to avoid unwanted summer skin issues.

Here are our top tips summer skincare tips

Use lighter skincare 

Just like you wear lighter clothing during the summer season, your skin needs to breathe just as much. We recommend using fewer products, and products with lighter consistencies to prevent the skin from becoming too oily, helping to prevent breakouts. 

Sun Protection

SPF ☀️ Always wear sunscreen, regardless of whether it’s cloudy. Remember to apply 30 minutes before sun exposure.

If you have spot-prone or oily skin, you should use an oil-free or non-water resistant sunscreen. Waterproof sun screen trap oil underneath the formulate which can lead to breakouts.

Prickly Heat 

This is caused when sweat glands are blocked, meaning the sweat cannot get out. Exfoliating before sun exposure prevents prickly heat as it removes the dead skin cells blocking the pores, allowing the sweat to escape normally.

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Acne breakouts 

It's not surprising that the excess sweating during summer season can causes acne and spot prone skin to breakout. Here's out top tips;

1. Blot sweat from your skin with a clean towel (don’t wipe) to avoid breakouts.
2. Take cool showers and wash your face (avoid scrubbing).
3. Use noncomedogenic skincare and makeup products. These are products that are formulated without pore-clogging ingredients.

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