Ayllu Box - A new sustainable beauty and self care box

Ayllu Box - A new sustainable beauty and self care box
Have you heard of the beautiful Ayllu Box - a new sustainable beauty & self-care box that Purity has the pleasure of being featured in. The box focuses on promoting:

🌿Natural Ingredients
♻️Plastic-Free Packaging
🌼UK Small Businesses

Unlike many other beauty boxes, Ayllu Box isn’t a subscription box but rather a one-off purchase, allowing you to treat yourself and gift someone who loves a bit of self-care!

Ayllu Box was founded in the summer of 2021 by Natalija, who has been working in the field of sustainable fashion for the last few years. However, realising that it wasn’t enough to just change one aspect of her lifestyle, she began to make sustainable switches to her beauty and skincare routine. And while many of the available products were ‘clean’, ‘vegan’ and ‘cruelty free’, the thing that was repeatedly missing was plastic-free or a focus on sustainable packaging.

This inspired her to create a beauty box that focused on sustainable packaging as well as customisable self-care products, ensuring that all products are not only to your liking but also suited to YOUR skincare needs and routine.

All you have to do is choose one of their three types of boxes, depending on the core products that you’re looking for and then pick your favourite self-care treats!

Step 1: Pick the right box for you

The Everyday Treats Box:
Our very own Radiance Cream Cleanser
Bamboo Cotton Reusable Face Pads
Energy: Peppermint Green Tea

The Shine Box:
Vitamin C Serum
Bamboo Cotton Reusable Face Pads
Energy: Peppermint Green Tea

The Self-Care Box:
Youthful Glow Face Mask
Coffee Body Scrub
Bamboo Cotton Reusable Face Pads
Anxiety: Chamomile & Elderflower Tea

Step 2: Choose your first self-care product

Spicy Orange Soap
Rose Bath Bomb
Himalayan Dream Bath Salts

Step 3: Choose your second self-care product

Peony & Blush Suede Botanical Wax Melt Set
Lime, Basil & Mandarin Shell Candle in Sage Green
Original Female Torso Candle in Lilac

The Meaning Behind Ayllu

Ayllu is an indigenous word, more specifically a Quechuan and Aymaran word, which are both languages spoken by indigenous peoples of the Andes. It is a term that refers to a traditional form of community or a network of families in the Andes.

However, the main factor was that each ayllu was self-sustaining, as all members had a responsibility to one another, whether this was in terms of education, land, food or trade. When Natalija decided to start her own small sustainable business all she could think of was how this was a community in itself and how we all have our own part and responsibility in addressing climate change.

Sustainable Packaging:

At Ayllu Box sustainable packaging is one of the core focuses. And while it may look like they use some plastic packaging it’s actually all biodegradable and made from bio materials. For example:
Inside each box you will find that the tea bags are packaged inside compostable bags made from  NatureFlex ™ – a 100% home compostable film made from cellulose, which is essentially sustainable wood pulp.
The shell & torso candles are wrapped in a biodegradable green bubble wrap.

To find out more about their dedication to sustainable packaging head to their website. And if you would like to make further customisations to your box just get in touch with them and they’ll do their best.

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