The best natural ingredients for brighter and glowing skin

The best natural ingredients for brighter and glowing skin

What are the best natural ingredients for brighter and glowing skin? 

Papaya contains natural bleaching properties, that when topically applied can help lighten your skin's complexion. Papaya contains an enzyme called papain, which helps to gently breakdown and digest large proteins that have accumulated on the skin. It's natural and effective exfoliating properties brighten the skin by removing dead skin cells to reveal fresher and brighter skin cells. 

Lemon - has a high concentration of Vitamin C which is known for lightening and brightening skin tone, helping fade dark spots and blemishes, as well as remove dead skin cells, which can leave skin looking dull and tired. 

Cranberries - contain enzymes which exfoliate dead skin cells leaving your skin with a subtle glow. The vitamins and minerals in cranberries give the skin a real radiance boost, also lightening and evening your skin tone. 

Best Purity Picks for Brighter and Radiant Skin

Radiance Cream Cleanser

Our creamy cleanser is packed with natural fruit extracts to help brighten the skin, even skin tone for a radiant, fresh and glowing complexion. 

Key active ingredients in our Radiance Cleanser for bright and glowing skin: Papaya, Strawberry, Lemon, Watermelon, and Cranberries. 

Pink Clay Face Mask

Our Pink Clay Facial Mask absorbs excess oil and dirt from deep in the pores, while actively encouraging skin cell exfoliation and renewal, leaving skin looking brighter and feeling refreshed.

Key active ingredients in our Pink Clay mask for bright and glowing skin: Strawberry, Watermelon, and Cranberries. 

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